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Lady Nala Welcomes You to
Sudeley Castle

1000+ acres and 1000+ years of history

Sudeley Castle dates back to the 10th century and housed many of those closest to the crown. It’s where Henry VIII stayed when he decided to dissolve the monasteries and where Queen Katherine Parr, his last and surviving wife, once lived and now rests (marking Sudeley as the only private castle in England to have a queen buried within the grounds )

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Come into our castle, come into our courts!

Get an inside peek of Sudeley Castle

Order of Events

We Do

The ceremony will start at 3pm at St. Mary's Church, on the Sudeley Castle grounds. 

We Eat

Speeches, dinner and dessert will all take place on the North Lawn.

We Drink

Cocktail hour will take place at the Queens' Garden.

We Dance

Let's party until the cows come home!

September 9, 2023
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