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getting around

While Uber is available in the area, it can be difficult to connect to drivers in the countryside, sometimes with long wait times (especially in the small town of Winchcombe). We recommend using the local taxi companies listed here and booking any ground transportation in advance.


Winchomb and Cheltenham are charming towns full of character. We have taken some time to put together a Google Pinned Maps (also featured below) with some of the things that makes these places (along with the surrounding villages) so special. We’re excited to share a few of our favorite places in the area with you!

COTSWOLDs calling

For those interested in exploring the greater Cotswolds area or extending their stay, we're assembled a list of our favorite and most idyllic villages. See below for recommendations and distances to help plan. 


Bourton on-the-Water

This charming village is often called the "Venice of the Cotswolds," because of the River Windrush that passes through the center of town. We recommend wandering around High street and checking out the shops and tearooms, and for a more enchanted visit - following the side streets and footpaths where you'll end up in the countryside with wild horse and sheep!


~21 mins away


At 790 feet above sea level, this is the highest town in the Cotswolds. Despite its old-warm charm and rural landscape, it offers loads to do and some of our favorite eateries including: Stow Town Coffee, Cotswolds Cheese Company, and the Old Butchers. 

~22 mins away



Bibury is a quiet village serenely set along the banks of the River Coln. Thanks to its impeccably preserved cottages, well-manicured gardens, and ancient Arlington Mill, this lovely spot has been dubbed "the most beautiful village in England." 

~33 mins away


This charming village is often called the "Venice of the Cotswolds," due to the fact that the River Windrush flows right through the centre of town. Our favourite part of the Cotswolds.


Chipping Campden

Probably the most Instagrammable place in the Cotswolds. The village is very small but so lovable!


Painswick has been nicknamed "Queen of the Cotswolds" for its heritage architecture and prosperous history. A must see is St. Mary's Church and the 99 Yew Trees. Quintessential Costwold stone homes line the churchyard's borders and the steep, winding streets of town.


~37 mins away



Painswick's most awe-inspiring attraction is the 14th-century St. Mary's Church. Outside lies a churchyard so fabulous, it belongs in a storybook. Tombs dating to the 17th century and 99 perfectly groomed yew trees (legend says the devil won't let the 100th grow) cover the grounds, providing a photo-worthy backdrop.

~ 34 mins away